An overview of the innovations to the dog coin market

4 min readOct 3, 2022

During the recent times, the SHIB army has been hearing plenty of exciting news circling around the Shiba space.

First, the long-awaited game called Shiba Eternity has become available for users on the PlayStore in Australia. One of the lead developers confirmed that the country was likely to be the last test location for the game. Before that, the game was successfully tested in Vietnam in August. The game became a hit in the country, which prompted the developers to boost the capacity of servers. The community had been waiting for the release since November 2021 when the SHIB Inu team first announced it was being developed. It swept the holders into a wave of excitement back then.

The game will be partly focused on SHIB NFTs, although it is a collectable card game, and its narrative will span through the whole ecosystem of SHIB. It joins plenty of other new NFT games planned to launch in the future. The Shiba Inu Game will expand the Shiba Inu ecosystem even further, joining up with the likes of the Shiba Inu Metaverse and Shiboshi NFTs. Some SHIB users in the comment thread, however, suggested that this game will hardly be useful unless it can burn SHIB tokens. They assumed that it could be an attempt to make money using the brand of SHIB.

Shiba Eternity split into both a classic mobile game that features in-app purchases, and an NFT game that will make use of the Shiboshi NFTs. The mobile game part is designed to bring in more casual players on a regular basis, while the blockchain version of the game will add further value to the Shiboshi NFTs, and include play-to-earn elements. The collectable card game features thousands of SHIB-inspired cards, with all of them referring to the whole Shiba ecosystem.

Soon after the game was released in Australia, an important update release from main creator Shytoshi Kusama arrived. According to him, now 5% of the profits from the new Shiba Eternity game will be burned.

CoinMarketCap currently ranks 14th, with a live market cap of $6,208,033,885. The circulating supply is 549,063,278,876,302 SHIB coins; the maximum supply is unknown. According to the official SHIB Twitter account, Binance Argentina had added Shiba Inu to the list of cryptos available for payments via prepaid Binance Card made in collaboration with Mastercard. Thanks to that, users in Argentina can use Shiba Inu, ADA and other digital currencies to make purchases from about 90 million merchants globally. They can also earn an impressive cash back on their purchases (up to eight percent).

Recently the Shiba Inu team announced that the worldwide release of Shiba Eternity would occur on October 6, 2022.

Another latest addition to the meme coin market is Tamadoge — a deflationary P2E meme cryptocurrency that incorporates a built-in NFT store and its own Metaverse which, by convention, is called the Tamaverse.

Tamadoge news exploded within the community after the company raised $19 million in its presale phase, which happened weeks earlier than the initially set target date. one of the largest presales that has been conducted for a meme token to date.

The large raise and large starting market cap (relative to other launches) has meant that Tamadoge is already a top 10 meme token and has plenty of room to grow from here. All eyes of the community are now on the Tamadoge team as they continue to develop their project. Investors in meme tokens like SHIB and FLOKI will be extremely impressed by the huge amount of utility that the Tamadoge team offers to its community. Unlike many meme tokens that have gone before it, Tamadoge will also be a play to earn gaming ecosystem with its unique, tailor-designed metaverse known as the Tamaverse.

One of the most exciting new altcoins on the market, TAMA is the native token of the pet-themed Tamadoge metaverse/play-to-earn game. Running on Ethereum, Tamadoge will enable users to mint NFT-based pets, raise them and use them to battle against other players. Broadly comparable to something like famous Axie Infinity, Tamadoge’s play-to-earn platform will give users the chance to battle their Tamadoge pets and earn rewards for doing so. In addition, players will also be able to sell their NFT-based Tamadoges on the secondary market, offering real potential for profits.

The team have announced that from next week they will begin to make a series of announcements about their upcoming products, including what progress has been made thus far on the Tamaverse and the play to earn gaming side of the ecosystem.

TAMA has currently not quite convincing market cap of $46m although it has grown 6% over the course of just some 24 hours. it could end up being one of the most successful crypto ICOs of the year.

In addition, the token has already been listed on a number of popular exchanges, such as OKX, OKX Dex and Uniswap. The Tamadoge team has also announced that the token will be listed on the MEXC exchange, which is yet another large and reputable centralized exchange. All those listings have been seen as beneficial for the token.

Shiba Inu is up 1.78%, trading at $0.00001132 following the official announcement of the official release of the Shiba Eternity game, but it could be new rival Tamadoge (TAMA) that catches all the action this weekend with its price pumping more than 100% to $0.08385 at the time of writing. The price of TAMA is increasing dramatically following the recent listings.

Shiba Inu has the potential to trade bullish given the positive fundamentals; thus, the odds of a bullish trend continuation remain quite high.




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